Friday, November 12, 2010

A word to writers, artists and musicians

God's Updraft.

I looked up to the sky this morning and saw a few Ospreys high up gliding gracefully through the blue. I was immediately reminded of the words of Jesus, "Man shall not live on bread alone but on every word that comes from the mouth of God." (Matt 4:4) It took the birds some effort but once up there they were masters of the currents and were moving effortlessly from updraft to updraft on outstretched wings. No sweat, no effort, no frantic flapping! God's word is our updraft. Getting it into our spirit takes some effort, but one there we can learn to rest in the uplifting experience of His sustaining love and power! Capish?

No Work?

These days we often see people at intersections asking for money with cardboard signs saying, "No work". You may be in a similar position and yet the Lord says that He will meet our every need, "And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of His glory in Christ Jesus". (Phil 4:19) To be honest, not every bill of mine was paid on time and I have experienced times of serious lack. Here, we can follow the advice of the apostle Paul who states in the same chapter, "I have learnt the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want."
Is God not serious about His word? Yes, He is friend. Behind Paul's contentment lies him knowing that while God's supply is constant, we live in a fallen world where an unseen enemy is doing his best to shut down the supply. Paul was able to be content because he knew that the temporary trickle of his supply will again become a mighty stream! God is the God of "more than enough" and not "barely enough". The ebb tide of God's ocean of supply in your life will soon change again and come in flooding your coffers.The sudden drop in air pressure for the bird on the wing will soon end and a new updraft will again propel the Osprey on high!

A Word to writers, artists and musicians.

What frustration to be born with talent and thinking you are unable to express your creativity because no one is hiring or no one has money to buy! Let me let you into a secret that will uplift you.
Do your art anyway! Bring forth the gift trapped inside of you regardless of circumstances. You see, your gift is not for yourself but for other people, to bless, heal and inspire them. That alone is the function of talent.
Now here is that secret locked in the Word. "The laborer is worthy of his wages." (Luke 10:7) 
Claim that for yourself and make that promise your own. Because He is the source of all things and is true to His word,  God will see to it that you are recompensed. It is His His promise and His job! "See His reward is with Him, His recompense accompanies Him." (Isa. 62:11) It will come to you from unexpected sources and in unexpected ways!.

Do it anyway!

Remember the parable of the talents. God expects you to develop end exercise your gifts. Do it regardless of circumstances, write, paint, dance and make music. Just how much great writing, painting and music has been lost to the world because talented people could not see their way clear to keep pushing on because they were waiting to be rewarded by men. Thank heavens for a man like Vincent van Gogh who kept going regardless of any sales. Unfortunately as a believer he did not know how stand on God's word but allowed circum-stances to break him. God's people perish for a lack of knowledge the Bible says. Hold on to this wonderful promise, "In all labor there is profit". (Proverbs 14:23) Your efforts will be rewarded.
God will reward you and sustain you and see to it that you have money to live! He is the source of all things and not the person who has money to buy what you have. Without faith in his timely supply you just will not please Him! Have the courage to make this truth your own. Your thoughts may have been amiss. Determine to do your thing, to bless, heal and inspire. God is good and greatly to be praised!

Repeat this prayer daily and see your life change!

Lord, You are constantly revealing to me new and better ways to serve You. My creativity; (business/ministry/writings/paintings/music/designs/photos.etc) inspires, blesses, heals and uplifts the spirits of everyone. You are guiding me to provide people everywhere with a revelation of faith and confidence in Your limitless power. In return, You recompense me in amazing ways that abundantly takes care of my physical, mental and spiritual needs.


  1. Thanks, Arno.

    I needed this.

    Recently, with no commissions pending, I thought I would simply paint a simple painting "for the love of it."

    It was then when I realized how dependent I had become on the reward factor as motivation to do something, and bring it to completion!

  2. What a great encouraging word! Thank you!

  3. Yesterday evening when I returned from work I was inspired to read your message on your blog and I loved the analogy of the Ospreys ... You are the bearer of good news, Arno, for these are the words we need to be reminded of again and again.

    I also appreciated reading The Prophet Speaks and again being reminded that with God there is no lack ... and that we have the choice as to which seeds we plant in our inner garden. So from a fellow farmer, Arno, thank you for your wonderful messages that mean so much to me. I have painted this blue and with my imagination I can see an Osprey flying high in the sky.

    Best Wishes

  4. This is a good and relevant word.

  5. Bruce said this is a good and relevant word.