Sunday, December 12, 2010

Your Christmas Gift

The Argument
I had been arguing with the Baptist pastor that my lady friend at that time had brought to meet me. He was telling me what Jesus meant to him, like he knew him personally. “What about all the Muslims, the Hindu’s and the Pygmies in the jungle who will never get to know who He is? According to scripture they are all going to hell. Is that fair?” I responded angrily. “I can’t answer that, but I do know He loves me, directs my steps and I often sense His presence strongly”, he answered politely. I got mad at him and left her apartment with the words, “Don’t expect me to join your Jesus club!”

Damascus Road
That night alone at my house, I found myself pacing the floor in a troubled state. At one point I picked up the Bible that my friend had left for me, flipped it open and read the page. The passage was about the apostle Paul on his way to Damascus in pursuit of early Christians who he was persecuting and killing. Suddenly Paul saw a blinding light, fell off his horse and cried out, “Who are you?” The voice came back, “It is I, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, and why are you persecuting me?” When I read these words, a powerful presence filled my house. I immediately and un-mistakenly knew it to be Jesus! Like Paul of old, I fell to my knees and said in a whisper, “Sorry Lord, I did not know that you were still alive!”
Ever since that time many years ago, I have sensed His presence and direction many times and have come to better understand His love and grace. I also came to know more about His promises about eternal life, healing, health and all the other blessings and instructions that are spoken of in the Bible.
Jesus is your Christmas gift. No promise or blessing compares with the peace and joy that knowing Him brings.

The FedEx Man
Say a man from FedEx knocks on your door with a pile of Christmas parcels from Jesus, all addressed to you. The first one is labeled and reads, “Eternal Life (Romans10:9)” You gratefully accept that one, and sign for it. The second one reads, “Healing and Eternal Health (Isaiah 53:5)” You struggle accepting that one for a moment but with some encouragement from the FedEx man (The Holy Spirit) reminding you of the relevant scriptural promises, you sign for it too.
He still has many packages for you however and gives you the next one. It reads, “Riches and Wealth (2 Corinthians 8:9)” The FedEx man starts reading down a list of scriptures to encourage you to take that parcel too. While you stand there in confusion, he starts passing all the others to you. The labels float past one by one. One reads, “Whatever you ask (Mark 11:24)” Another reads, “Happily Married (Proverbs18:22)” Yet others read, “Children (Deuteronomy 28:4), Freedom from Addiction (John 8:36), More Than Enough (2 Corinthians 9:8), Living Water (John 7:36), Victory (Psalm.108:13), Whatever You Say (Provebs18:22), Whatever you wish (John 15:7)", etc., etc.
You remain standing there in a state of shock and softly respond to the delivery man, “I am sorry, I am just not worthy, I can’t accept these, they must be for someone else, there must be some mistake. I can’t believe He really wants me to have all these too?”

Will you accept them all?
“ No, I assure you, the parcels all have your name and address clearly marked on the labels, they have all been prepaid for and are just for you!”, the Holy spirit is now whispering to you. “Please don’t let Him down, Jesus bought and paid for all of these.” If you don’t believe it He will be so disappointed!” The man turned around, leaving all the gifts on your porch and left with the words ringing in your ear, “Merry Christmas!” 
Will you leave them outside or bring them all into your heart?

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