Friday, February 18, 2011

God's Special World

The Secret Place
The Bible speaks of a special place, a world that we should seek out where God’s ways are in operation all the time. It is called the kingdom of God. In God’s world, whatever you desire and ask for you immediately receive because you believe. (Mark 11:24) There, it is so easy to believe because you experience His constant presence so powerfully that it is impossible to experience any fear, any pain, any disappointment, any defeat or any loss.
 In God’s world your desires are all met.(Ps.37:4) There, you live in perfect health and have no financial needs or lack of any kind. There, you are filled with all the fullness of God. Thoughts of lack and thoughts of God's fullness cannot occupy your mind at the same time. There, you can come boldly into His presence night or day. There, He keeps you in perfect peace because you have trained yourself to keep your mind fixed on Him, (Isa.26:3) Once there, all the fruit of the Spirit, love, peace patience, kindness, gentleness and self control are experienced without any effort at all. In that place, your delight is in Him and you find yourself often just bursting out with spontaneous praise! The joy of the Lord becomes so strong inside that you have the sense that nothing can in any way hurt you. There, He always leads you in victory in every possible situation! There, you are truly more than a conqueror through Christ who loves you.

In God’s world, His amazing love for you and care for every detail of your life becomes your overwhelming experience.  Any hurt that you may have suffered; every setback and every rejection instantly melts away in his loving gaze and warm embrace. What a place!
Is it possible for you to have access to God’s world right here in this world of trouble and turmoil? Is there a way to find this place where you can finally be at peace and live without care? Just how can you get to this wonderful experience of knowing all your bills are paid, your family without sickness and disease, well housed and fed and destined for success?
Finding your way there
There is a way, praise God! We read in Matt. 6:33 “Seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, (His way of doing and being right) and all these things will be added unto you.”  You and I can get there. We can build a bridge in our mind to that special world where only good things happen. 
The way to do it is move there permanently, (Isa. 58:14). It is time to switch off the television and with it the cares of this world. Switch off all the cares of your world, your pains, your trails, all your concerns. It is time to become still and know that He is God. It is time for the revelation that in His presence, nothing can by any means hurt you. It is time to meditate so long and so much on the scriptures of healing that no disease can bear to be in your body. It is time to fill your mind with all the scriptures of His provision that no bill can bear being unpaid, and that no weapon formed against you can possibly prosper!
Living in a world of miracles
How wonderful is this special supernatural world and secret place of God where miracles are the norm and where you can therefore live without care. Decide by an act of your God given free will to move there permanently and begin to see all your needs met in this natural and physical world by supernatural means, (Phil.4:19). Your passport is to be still and know that Jesus is Lord.Your visa is to refuse to let your heart be troubled (John 14:1). Your itinerary is a continuous joyful journey to all those beautiful mental places, the promises of God.  He is not a man that He should lie and they will come to pass if you only believe!

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  1. So true...thank you for explaining it so well! Blessings!